Plasti-World Envases



Plasti-World Containers, since its inception, has had as its main objective the manufacture and marketing of containers, aimed at four main lines of business: industry, cosmetics, pharmacies and food.


The main reason why in 2008 we made the decision to open one of the most important companies currently dedicated to plastic, was the lack of supply by small and large companies.

We started from scratch, with hardly any support but with high hopes.
Our first facilities were located in the municipality of Yuncos (Toledo).

Shortly after, thanks to the unstoppable success we experienced, we were able to definitively acquire our large and current facilities in the municipality of Borox (Toledo).

We have more than 5,000 m² of space, dedicated exclusively to the creation of packaging. We also optimize the service in various geographical areas of the national territory.



Since 2019 we have developed a strong and consistent alliance with Gepack, becoming the official distributors of the company in the Spanish territory.

Sacrifice, enthusiasm and hard work have led us to place ourselves at the top of the top of the packaging sector.

Today we have a team of well-trained and specialized professionals, who offer comprehensive information on any of our products, as well as documentation and advice, and a portfolio of faithful and loyal customers who continue to support us.

This fact, added to the values of our company of quality, speed and close treatment, have been of great help to consolidate us as a reference company in the Spanish market.



We offer each of our clients a premium service, in which we offer the best of ourselves. We treat each case as unique and exclusive, attending to your needs, expectations and preferences.

We listen to all kinds of proposals, projects and suggestions to help you make your dreams come true. We also offer all the necessary means to be able to develop your products in the most profitable, fast and economically possible way.

Another aspect for which we stand out is our shipping service in 24/48 hours. And for having more than 10 million containers in stock and another 400 thousand reserves.

Thanks to the investment in our own developments and the strong support of our Partners, we have achieved a very competitive position in the market. Our business philosophy has led us to supply a wide variety of companies, including both small and large companies.



Reducing the impact of the carbon footprint is one of the main objectives of our company policy. With the possibility of manufacturing in biodegradable and reusable materials. We are constantly innovating both in our production and distribution processes to conserve and care for the environment.

We also carry out other actions to contribute to sustaining the planet. For example, 80% of the electricity at our production plant located in Portugal comes from renewable energies that we capture through our own photovoltaic system and geothermal energy.

Some of our main services are:

PET Reuse